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A Song for Bayes is a initiative in Aalborg, Denmark which aims to promote the thoughts of Thomas Bayes and Bayesian net by making a musical experiment in which music based on the simple and intuitive mathmatics of Bayesian nets. The Bayesian Music is composed by Kristian Melchior and performed by the choir Vox11.

The performance take place February 27th in Aalborg in Skråen, Nordkraft. The performance will be recorded by DR(www.dr.dk) and shown on their DR2 channel.

If you are curious about why “A Song for Bayes” takes place please read the page “Why A Song for Bayes”.

If you have any questions or requests for tickets, please do not hesitate to contact our press officer.

Morten Aagaard
mail: morten@hum.aau.dk
mobile: +45 2625-1011

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