Why “A Song for Bayes”?

After I had seen the video a couple of time more I considered: why do we spend hours, resources and attention on arranging, composing and performing ”A Song for Bayes”? Why?

There are reasons.

Most prominent we are keen on making an music experiment. Bayesian net gives us an opportunity to compose and arrange a concert that definitely are different that the usual compose structures. Compose structures like 1) A composer write a composition, the choir performs the composition and the audience listen. 2) The choir is organized in call-response choir or 3) The piece of art is fully described in the partiture.

We are heavily inspired by the term “Circlesongs“, which the singer and composer Bobby Mcferrin has invented in which improvisation and control permanently are challenged. “A Song for Bayes” is not Circlesong it is rather a investigation in the opportunities for Bayes inspired music in which the contradiction between control and improvisation is investigated.

We do read the books about Bayesian net where authors often spontanious praise the simplicity of Bayes net. The Bayesian net are straightforward, they based on simple and intuitive axioms.
It is our hope that the beauty of Bayesian net can be heard in the compositions performed in “A Song for Bayes”.

We cannot say whether the music will be ”better” but the starting point in Bayesian net gives us an incredible wealth of possibilities.

We are not dogmatics who alone focus on the compositions compositions mathematical correctnes. We are also eager to sing beautiful tunes.

The concert is divided into 3 parts:

The first part is a pedagogical correct presentation of Bayes net.

The second part is managed by the choir to let them present how they have adopted Bayesian net.

The third part is a synthesis between mathmaticians and musicians where new music hopefully emerged.

All in all because we are eager to exploit the potential of setting new ways of composing of music.

In this way I hope that reader, listener and thinker will be happily enjoyed by listening to “A Song for Bayes. Questions and comments are warmly welcome!

The concert will take place in week 9 2012.

Best regards

Morten Aagaard

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  1. Thanks for the article, can you make it so I receive an update sent in an email whenever there is a new post?

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